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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Kevin Costner shares a look at ‘Yellowstone: One Fifty’ as ‘1923’ star Jennifer Ehle says she’s thrilled about working with this co-star

Costner is taking us through 'Yellowstone' in a new way.

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Warning: this article contains spoilers for the season five premiere of Yellowstone

Hello Yellowstone fans, and happy Wednesday. We’re more than halfway through the workweek and ready for a weekend full of relaxation and a new episode of everyone’s favorite cowboy drama. With an exciting season upon us, we’re looking ahead to the changes that John Dutton’s position as Governor of Montana will bring to the table, not just for him but everyone involved. The political battleground isn’t a field John ever wanted to step onto, but now that he’s there, it’s a matter of life and death. As Beth Dutton reminded us in a recent episode: “There is no morality here, dad. None. There is keep the kingdom, or there is lose the kingdom.”

In all matters of speaking, the only real option is to keep the kingdom; they just need to know what battle they will fight to do it this time around. In addition to an epic season premiere, Kevin Costner is also taking fans on a journey through Yellowstone in a new way with a docu-series premiering this Sunday. You know the drill from here, grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and your drink of choice and let’s ride in. 

Kevin Costner is going to Yellowstone for an educational experience

Montana looks good on Kevin Costner, and he’s taking the reigns through Yellowstone in a new way with a FOX Nation series beginning this Sunday. Yellowstone: One Fifty. 

Speaking to Fox News about the upcoming series, Costner says he’s grown up knowing that the word Yellowstone always stood for something epic. 

“I’ve grown up with the word Yellowstone all my life. When I finally saw pictures of it when I was younger, I began to understand what was maybe so special about it.”

The show highlights the Hayden expedition from 1871, which led to Yellowstone being founded as a national park in 1872. 

Costner says he feels like he’s discovering the land for himself as he braves the harsh Yellowstone winter, snow piling up with temperatures dropping, and gets to the beauty of spring and the return of plants and animals to the beautiful area. 

“To know that the river’s still flowing, these mountains still stand… I never tire of looking at them and the great open spaces appealed to me, a nd mountains that look like they would be impossible to travel through, they never fail to take my breath away.” 

We can’t wait to see Costner embrace a new side of Yellowstone because let’s be honest, we’d follow that man anywhere. 

This 1923 actress is thrilled about the world seeing her co-star in action

During the two-hour series five premiere of Yellowstone, fans were also treated to the first look at the Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren-led prequel, 1923. The short look at the series came just days after first-look images were revealed, and jaws dropped as we saw Cara and Jacob Dutton come to life. 

There’s something poetic and almost haunting about the images, and perhaps that comes with the knowledge that the series is based upon the early Great Depression that took place in Montana and the lawlessness that surrounded all of them. The origin story of each branch of the Dutton family tree comes with pain, turmoil, and heartache, yet, a deeply intertwined beauty surrounds them. 

1923 star Jennifer Ehle says that she loved getting to be part of the series in a recent chat with Collider and that she can’t wait for fans to see the impressive talents of her co-star on set as well. 

“I loved the opportunity to be a part of 1923, and I’m very excited for it to come out. I’m so excited, there’s this actor I got to work with called Aminah Nieves and this is one of her first jobs. She is phenomenal, and I can’t wait for the world to see her.” 

With a cast as thrilled about the show as fans, we certainly can’t wait to see the continued story of the Duttons and the adventures they’ll take us on; the good and the bad. 

Fans are talking about this foreshadowing season premiere moment 

With the excitement in the first episodes of season five also came several moments that made us aware of the fight on the horizon. John Dutton is Governor of Montana, which brings with it many changes for everyone. It’s not just the Dutton family that needs to be concerned with enemies, either; it’s the ranch hands that work for the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. 

The cowboys and ranch hands know the importance of protecting the Dutton family and their land, but they’ll have to start looking over their own shoulders, too. 

In the two-episode season five premiere, the ranch hands were tasked with figuring out what was hurting animals on their property, and they soon learned that wolves were responsible. What do they set out to do? Take care of the problem, of course, but they soon realized that what they’d done was create an even bigger situation for them to work through — or had they?

Ryan asks Colby what the big deal is about shooting the wolves, they were on Dutton land, and they had tags, so why the efforts to cover it all up and illegally get rid of them? 

A Reddit thread poses that very question and fans seem to be as confused as the ranch hands were. 

This fan quickly explained that the look given during the scene lends to the idea that no one actually got the tags at all, and that’s where the problem lies. We also see how they handle the wolves; the collars will likely come back to bite them in the butt. Yes, we all saw the moment they zoomed in on the collar getting stuck by the log.

Some fans believe the scene is setting up the return of Summer, the woman John met during the protest last season and had an adult sleepover with. Beth found her and wasn’t thrilled about the woman standing in their kitchen with her father’s shirt on, which led to another wild conversation at the dinner table. Summer was later sentenced to a lengthy time in jail, but we know we haven’t seen the last of her yet.

Either way, the ranch hands will undeniably be in trouble for this one, and no one is ready to lose Colby or Ryan over it.

You can continue seeing the drama unfold by tuning in on Sunday nights on Paramount.

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