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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: This Dutton duo could be mending broken fences as fans discuss their biggest hopes for season 5

Does the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch hold space for Jamie and Beth to co-exist?

Happy Monday, Yellowstone fans! After an exhilarating and iconic season 5 trailer, news on the ranch has been relatively quiet, and we’re grateful for it. As we’ve watched the compilation of scenes over and over again, we’re still finding new things to discover about what season 5 might hold.

Of course, we’ve come to expect drama, romance, and the fight for survival; but season 5 opens a new door on the complexities of not only grabbing power, but grasping it tightly in your hands, and paying the price for it. As we wrap our heads around the new paths we’ll ride horseback on in the upcoming episodes, we’re also all about what fans hope to see most in season 5. So let’s examine the trailer together, scene by scene, shall we? Today, we peer into an unlikely meeting and try to figure out what that means. So please, take a seat with us as we look forward to the Dutton family’s future. 

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Will this duo be working together again

One of the most tumultuous relationships in the history of Yellowstone is that of Jamie and Beth Dutton. Their story starts with a close brother and sister, as one asks another to help them with a choice they feel they must make. Beth finds out she’s pregnant at a very young age, and Jamie is the only person she feels comfortable enough asking for help. As any brother and sister can tell you, their relationship had a healthy layer of tension in it, but as they grew up, they could rely on one another when things got hard.

Of course, Jamie and Beth are at each other’s throats in adulthood, and that’s putting it mildly. There have been plenty a scene when we thought we might see Jamie die at the hands of Beth Dutton, and it wouldn’t have surprised us at all if she dumped him at the train station herself. 

Last season was a turning point for the pair, as Jamie made a life-altering decision at the urging of Beth Dutton, and she got it all on camera. That’s right. She holds all the cards where their relationship is concerned, and she’s playing to win. That said, we knew they’d have to tolerate one another, as they’re still family — where John Dutton is concerned — but we didn’t think we’d see them working together again.

In a few scenes in the season 5 trailer, we do see Beth and Jamie in the same office, and while they are in a state of disagreement, it’s evident that they’re going to have to set their pain aside and work together to ensure that John Dutton’s job as governor is painless. Okay, that’s a far-off dream, but they have to make it at least a little bit easier on him. 

Fans have been speculating what they think those clips mean, and many say that they’ll have to mend fences together, and maybe that’ll mean repairing a few of their own. Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser have spoken about their relationship in season 5 and how they’ll help one another overcome obstacles. Where Beth is concerned, maybe Rip will finally begin healing the most significant hurt in her heart. Perhaps that starts with finding a place to co-exist again with Jamie, not yet as friends, but no longer enemies, 

Fans talk about their hopes for the future 

A Reddit thread is giving fans a place to sound off about their hopes for the future of Yellowstone. From the characters they love most to what they hope to get out of the upcoming episodes, here are some dreams fans long for in Yellowstone‘s 5th season. 

Of course, fans want Jamie and Beth to work through their issues, but there are many things on the checklist for those who have been tuning into Yellowstone since 2018. 

Fans want Rip to learn about the baby, and while it’ll be a bittersweet turn of events, it’s something he deserves to work through. It’s also something Beth needs help finding peace with, a situation that changed things for her, one she said she made out of fear, and that cost her everything.

Viewers also want the pair to treat Carter a bit more like their son, and while that’s a complex ask, the last few episodes did showcase a changing relationship between the three of them.

Jamie’s son is a piece of his puzzle that’s barely been examined, and fans want his character to stay in the series, even with Jamie’s choice at the end of season 4.

Beth isn’t the only one holding a grudge where Jamie is concerned, and fans are hoping that he gets back to a place of truly belonging to the family once again. Of course, the journey back won’t be easy, but does he deserve it? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

Some fans want to get back to the bases; focus on the core family, and get back to the fight for the land and survival. They want to step back into the dynamics of the first season, and with the trailer we just saw, we believe that’s the direction we’re heading in.

People also love to see flashbacks, and with several cast members announced to return to the 5th season, we know we’ll be getting some. We anticipate seeing more of a young Beth, Rip, and John, but will we get younger versions of the power characters? How about a younger Chief Rainwater? What about a more youthful Monica Dutton? Will we see a child version of Kayce as he grasps the depths of living at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch? We certainly hope so.

Fans have more questions than answers right now, but that’s just how we like it; uncovering the depths of the storyline one episode at a time, figuring out which relationships can be restored and which can’t — it’s all part of the long game we’re all playing, and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

Besides, now is the perfect time to get caught up with all things Yellowstone before the 5th season kicks off on Nov. 13. 

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