Liam Neeson’s New Movie Hits Netflix This Week

the ice road

Ever since the release of Taken in 2008, nine times out of ten you know exactly what you’re getting when you see Liam Neeson‘s name attached to any project. Even if you’ve got absolutely no idea what it is or what it’s about, the chances are high that he’ll be playing some sort of veteran thief, soldier, government official or killer roped into one last job to save somebody close to him.

In fact, if you look at the actor’s filmography dating back to the start of 2018 until the middle of next year, then nine of his twelve efforts tick at least one of those boxes. The 69 year-old may have once again claimed that he’s on his way out of the action genre, but having topped the domestic box office twice last year with Honest Thief and The Marksman, people are evidently still willing to see his late-career renaissance continue for at least a little longer.

The Ice Road

Luckily, then, The Ice Road is coming to Netflix on Friday after the streaming service forked over $18 million to secure the domestic distribution rights, although writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh’s latest feature will release theatrically in many international markets. The setup is about as Liam Neeson as you’d expect, following his trucker on a dangerous rescue mission to save a group of workers trapped in a collapsed diamond mine, but that isn’t the only danger he faces along the way.

Looking at how the star’s back catalogue has fared on Netflix over the last few months, there’s no prizes for guessing what’s going to be sitting at the top of the most-watched list by Saturday, with The Ice Road guaranteed to pull in big numbers.