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Lindsay Lohan announces her podcast is coming out next week

The Lohdown with Lindsay Lohan will be available across multiple platforms and is promising an intimate and familial vibe.

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Actress and former tabloid fixture Lindsay Lohan has been back in business as of late with work at Netflix, a commercial mocking her troubles, and now she says her The Lohdown with Lindsay Lohan podcast is coming next week.

Lohan posted a tease earlier today on Twitter advertising the project launching Tuesday. It will be available on Spotify, YouTube and wherever one can get a podcast and on it the 35-year-old pledges she will unlock aspects of her guests.

“Now it is my turn to ask questions, to dig deep and hear all about fascinating and wonderful things that my guests are doing in their lives. The successes, the failures, the hard work and moments in life that make you smile. I want The Lohdown on it all.”

Initial guests have not been revealed as of this story being filed. Fans have expressed excitement and suggested guests like Hilary Duff and, for those who tune in, Lohan and her crew are promising an intimate and familial vibe.

“She’s like the big sister that you never had, or if you just need an extra sister who’s ready to lend and [sic] ear to hear about your joys and dilemmas. Each week will be filled with new and fascinating stories that span the world of entertainment to everyday makeup and beauty tips and tricks. Lindsay is living her best life and bringing you along for The Lohdown.”

Lohan returns to film with Falling for Christmas on Netflix later this year. After this she will make two more movies for the streaming service in a deal we reported the company was happy with, and ultimately thrilled to continue onward.

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