Listen To Louis The Child’s Awesome Collab With Icona Pop


Louis The Child and Swedish duo Icona Pop have teamed up on a new single, delivering an upbeat party anthem in the form of “Weekend.” An ode to excess and blurred nights, the new song is the perfect soundtrack for your rowdy weekends parties this summer, even if they happen to fall on a weekday.

Sonically, the new single features a top 40 friendly sound complete with rolling 808 beats, mellow instrumentation and catchy hooks. Louis The Child offer up a restrained production that blends pop and dance music while placing emphasis on the vocals. The video for “Weekend” expands on its lyrical themes, featuring a group of friends heading out for a night on the town as Icona Pop narrate the tale of binge drinking and night life.

With its party going vibes and radio ready sound, “Weekend” is primed to be a chart topper for Louis The Child and Icona Pop.