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‘Lupin’ star hopes the show lasts for the rest of his life

"If we have the right script, we'll continue."

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Netflix scored a hit with their adaptation of Lupin in 2021 and, while a third part of the series is on the way, star Omar Sy says the experience is so fulfilling he can see himself doing it happily until he ultimately drops dead at an undetermined point in the future.

“I really can’t give anything away, but we’re coming back with the same energy and fun. I would like to do it the rest of my life. I wish we could. But it will depend what story we can tell and where the character can go. If we have the right script, we’ll continue.”

The 44-year-old reveals his enthusiasm in an article published by Deadline Hollywood today. The piece talks about Lupin, and Sy’s career to date, and he says the low-income housing projects where he was raised in France ultimately influenced his career path.

“I’ve always been curious about people and places. As an actor, as soon as I learn something, I want to share it. I grew up in a community with a lot of different people from all over the world. My neighborhood was full of people from different backgrounds. You learned things all the time. Maybe that was one of the effects that helped me to become an actor. Learning and sharing.”

Before more Lupin comes back, Sy will be seen next in Father & Soldier and in Jurassic World Dominion. He also has a film set with Joe Carnahan in pre-production titled Shadow Force which does not yet have a release date determined as of this story being filed.

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