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Markiplier says he’ll start an OnlyFans, as long as you follow some simple instructions

Tasteful nudes in order to dethrone Joe Rogan? Sign us up.

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Credit: Markiplier

If you felt like you heard an overarching gasp in the air a mere two hours ago or the quick typing fingers of people worldwide going to Apple or Spotify Podcasts, you did not imagine it. YouTuber Markiplier put out a video with an exciting promise to fans, and they’re doing their part to make it come true. 

Markiplier, or Mark Fischbach, enticed his viewers with a mouth-watering promise: he would start an OnlyFans channel, to share ‘tasteful nudes’, if they could meet his conditions first.

You read that right, so if that gasp and quick typing make more sense now, you’re welcome. Just what are his conditions for the video? He wants the Distractable podcast to be number one on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, taking the spot of one Joe Rogan. 

Markiplier notes that for one “brief day,” Distractable was number one on Spotify but only took the spot from Rogan for one day and on one platform. The mission now is to take his place on both listening avenues simultaneously, making Rogan weep. 

Another podcast needs to be number one, too, and it’s the Go! My Favorite Sports Team podcast. Spotify has a separate category for sports podcasts. If fans can also get the GMFST pod to number one, we’ll soon be delighted by another publication from Markiplier — don’t mind if we do. 

Wait, why are we saying another one (if you’re hearing that in DJ Khaled’s voice, you’re not alone)? Well, Markiplier has already shared tasteful nudes in a calendar benefiting the Cancer Research Institute. The calendar sales totaled around $382,000, and the YouTuber was amazed by the number of sales. Fans were less surprised because, well, Markiplier is a hunk. 

All proceeds earned by the podcasts being number one will, once again, go to charity, so not only is he brains and brawn — he’s beautifully generous. You can check out the video we shared above and find out how you can get in on the action by getting them to number one quickly. It’s almost the holiday season, and if we’re talking Markiplier and tasteful nudes, we can see him bringing in a festive twist. 

Here’s to Markiplier, his soon-to-be number-one spot, and the dethroning he’s excited about along the way.

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