Neil Gaiman tweet seems ominous at first, until you realize he’s just talking about ‘Sandman’ Funko Pops

He may not be Stephen King, but author Neil Gaiman isn’t exactly an amateur when it comes to horror. Just let your kids watch Coraline a few years too young and you’ll quickly agree. So when he starts tweeting out things that sound like something an evil spirit might whisper in your ear, his fans are sure to take notice.

And that’s just how clever promotion works sometimes.

Replying to a fan who inquired about the possible availability of Sandman-based Funko Pop figurines — those ubiquitous, chibi-esque, and highly collectible vinyl figurines that derive from every licensed geeky IP ever — Gaiman answered truthfully. The only figure Funko has put out in the line was that of The Sandman’s sister, Death.

But phrasing. (Are we still saying phrasing?)

Gaiman’s tweeted response, literally “There was only ever Death,” reads like a quote out of one of his own books. While Gaiman almost certainly posted the response with a certain amount of mischief in mind — the American Gods author has proven to be a firm fan of acting cheeky on the internet over the years — one can’t blame any fan who felt a cold chill shudder down their back upon reading it.

Literally Death.

While there’s only one Sandman-based Funko Pop currently, that situation may change fairly soon after the impending release of Gaiman’s The Sandman adaptation on Netflix this August. Versions of the title character and his family, The Endless, or the many other characters appearing in the series may soon become available for the fans to display as the show finds a broader TV audience. Hey, they made a Funko Pop of painter Bob Ross, so why not one of Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer?

The Sandman debuts on Netflix on August 5.