NERVO Reveals Engineer-Focused Video For “People Grinnin'”


Electronic music isn’t the only field with a well-publicized gender gap, and NERVO have taken it upon themselves to tackle another one. The Australian DJ/producer/songstresses have released an official music video for “People Grinnin'” featuring The Child of Lov that casts the spotlight on engineers.

“Everything in the following music video was made by an engineer,” reads a blurb as the video opens to futuristic lab of some sort where a group of inexplicably gorgeous female engineers toil over a series of apparatus. Eventually the viewer discovers that they’re synthetically birthing the NERVO sisters themselves, who then perform for all of them.

The music video was made in conjunction with the Australian Made By Me campaign, which aims to encourage more women to become engineers. The website for the initiative calls the video its “gateway” to making the career path more “exciting and relevant to young women.”

Maybe NERVO figured that by making this release about absolutely anything other than the music itself, they could distract their fans from the fact that “People Grinnin'” sounds suspiciously unlike any of their other songs. There, I said it, now go ahead and call me sexist in the comments.