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Netflix hates love after ‘Warrior Nun’ writer reveals the creative team lied about a fan favorite storyline

And it ended up getting canceled anyway.

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You can’t keep a good canceled show down, and that’s proving to be truer by the day when it comes to Warrior Nun, the axed Netflix favorite that continues blowing up on social media as the Halo Bearers do their damndest to will it back into existence in any way they can.

Whether it’s billboards, petitions, hashtags, or any of the other weapons in their arsenal, barely a day goes by without the supernatural comic book adaptation being one of Twitter’s hottest trending topics. Underlining the ongoing popularity of Warrior Nun once again, a revelation regarding a fan favorite storyline has been capturing online imaginations everywhere.

In an interview with community-organized event OCS Conclave, David Hayter confirmed that the relationship between Ava and Beatrice wasn’t one that Netflix was on board with, so the creative team simply lied and told the company that it was going to be implied more than anything else.

For what it’s worth, showrunner Simon Barry – who wasn’t present at the event – weighed in with a “no comment” response that says everything it needed to while saying nothing at all.

Just like that, “NETFLIX HATES LOVE” instantly became one of the biggest talking points on social media, as if anyone needed any more indications that the Warrior Nun fandom simply refuses to go down without the fight of its life.

To say it’s been a roller-coaster ride for Halo Bearers in the six months since Netflix officially axed the show would be one of the year’s heftiest understatements, but it’s also become abundantly clear – as if it wasn’t already – that they won’t be satiated until Warrior Nun lives again.

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