Netflix is finally letting you remove shows you’ll never finish from ‘Continue Watching’

Netflix is finally going to allow users to wipe content they’ll never finish from the home page’s ‘Continue Watching’ section, after growing requests from the platform’s colossal subscriber count.

In a blog post detailing the change, Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation, Christine Doig-Cardet, announced that they’re finally allowing all users to remove shows from their Continue Watching row, be it on desktop, mobile and directly on TV.

Doig-Cardet draws attention to one specific Tweet from @RACSO40, who asked if the service could “give us a “Remove From” option, so we can remove all those ‘suggestions’ on the various “lists” that A)We’ve already watched or B) We’ve no intention of watching.” 

If you want to remove something from your Continue Watching, all you need to do is log into Netflix via its website, mobile app or open it on your TV. Then, open the show you want to remove from your Continue Watching list. Scroll down the menu until you get to the Audio And Subtitles option. Under this option, you’ll find ‘Remove From Continue Watching’. Click this button, and that title will be removed from your Continue Watching carousel. If you do this by accident, you can click the button once more to undo the error and return the show to the Continue Watching section. 

So, no longer will you constantly see that movie you accidentally clicked on in 2013 whenever you open your Netflix account. Nor will Netflix keep pushing you to finish that series you started to watch only to realize that you hated it. Nor will you see that documentary you keep saying you’ll complete despite knowing full well you’ll never get around to it. 

While this is only a small quality of life upgrade, it does show that Netflix still has room to improve, despite being the world’s biggest video streaming platform. It also shows that the company is keen to give users the best experience possible on the service. No matter the device they’re using to access Netflix. So hopefully, Netflix will keep updating and refining its UI so that everyone can have the best viewing experience possible.