‘Ozark’ star says the final episodes have ‘twists all over the place’

ozark season 4

Jason Bateman’s Ozark began in 2017, heads into the second half of its fourth and final season Friday and, while theories and expectations abound, star Katrina Lenk says to expect the unexpected.

“There’s twists all over the place. You have to pull off that trick of being in the moment because your character doesn’t know what’s about to happen, which is sometimes easier to pull off than it is at other times. In the first part [Claire]’s really trying to find her footing and in the second part she does, but it’s maybe not the footing she thought she would have to maintain. Everyone on Ozark is a chess player. Claire wasn’t sure she was going to play chess, and I don’t think she knows all the moves. She’s learning the game as she plays it.”

Lenk commented about the future of the creation to Variety today. She also talked about how she plays the role and revealed she got it during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic via auditions on Zoon.

“I’ve been obsessed with the show and was such a huge fan that I never thought they were going to let me on. But I was intrigued. They told me that Claire was going to be stepping into her brother’s shoes as the head of this pharmaceutical company and there was some scandal involving her brother and their involvement in the opioid epidemic. She’s been brought in to redeem the company and salvage what she can and try to turn things around.”

Ozark is now available to stream on Netflix.