Pokémon fan imagines what a flying-type Eeveelution could look like

The Pokémon Company

It has been nine years — that’s right, nine! — since the last Eeveelution, Sylveon, was created for Generation VI. Sylveon debuted in Eevee & Friends and made its main series debut in Kindergarten Chaos!, under the ownership of Penelope. Since then, there has yet to be another Eeveelution introduced in the Pokémon franchise, but one particularly keen Pokémon fan has developed their very own rendition of what a Flying-type Eeveelution might look like.

On Reddit, u/Physical_Ad_9865 has posted under the Pokémon subreddit, attracting attention from PokéFans everywhere because of their Flying-type Eeveelution which has yet to be given an official name, but commenters are quite settled on the name “Galeon” or “Gaileon.” Such crisp animation is reminiscent of the liveliness of the Gen V sprites as seen in Pokémon Black and White.

The Eeveelution design, which seems to take inspiration from the way gusts of wind are typically drawn, makes the Flying-type Eevee almost entirely grey with a white head and large white ears. Its neck is surrounded by swirls that resemble clouds and long tendrils protrude from its neck, similar to Sylveon. As Pokémon fans have yet to see Flying-type, Fighting-type, Poison-type, Ground-type, Bug-type, Rock-type, Ghost-type, Dragon-type or Steel-type Eeveelutions, there are plenty more opportunities for talented creators to give the Pokémon art team some ideas for future releases.

As a counterpart to the Flying-type Eeeveelution, the original uploader also shared a sneak-peek on DeviantArt of a Ground-type Eeveelution that resembles an Egyptian sphinx, but the sprite is not yet completed, according to the creator.