Police Seize Machetes, Sledgehammers and More During G20

As you all know now, the G20 took place in Toronto this past weekend and it got pretty violent. Cars were set on fire, buildings damaged, windows smashed, walls spray painted etc. At one point the Canadian military was put on stand by, that’s how bad the protesters got. Today the National Post reports that police seized a number of weapons this weekend from protesters.

According to the National Post, police seized quite a few items including:

“Body armor, sledgehammers, machetes, an electric drill, saws, crowbars, shields, aluminum bats, dog repellent, bamboo rods and bottles of hot sauce.”

Toronto Polie Chief, Bill Blair spoke to reporters today about the protest and had the following to say:

“No one should be so naïve as to think these people were there for the purpose of lawful protest,” he said, noting that the items were capable of “delivering deadly force.”

“We are all deeply disturbed by the crimes that were committed here.”

A lot of people called into question the methods that the police force was using this weekend and critics are saying that the police force was too secretive about its methods. While the police did a good job for the most part in keeping the peace there were still a number of violent protesters and almost 900 people were arrested or detained. An investigation is currently ongoing and is looking at how the police acted over the weekend and if they used unfair methods.