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Rachel Zegler reveals her shocking toxic trait

She's accidentally in love with it.

Rachel Zegler Shrek 2
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Rachel Zegler has taken to social media with a confession that will absolutely rock your world and might have you grooving on down to Funkytown.

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In a Tweet in which Zegler says she’s sharing her most toxic trait, she confesses to listening to a specific soundtrack daily. An ogre-licious, toe-tapping, and swamp-dwelling soundtrack. That’s right — Zegler powers through her days with the songs from the ever-popular Shrek 2 soundtrack.

As far as toxic traits go, Zegler is probably doing pretty well if this is her worst one. In fact, we think it’s a Shrek-tastic trait. The soundtrack is next level, full of total hits that you simply can’t shake once they’ve wormed their way into your head.

The ever-famous “Accidentally in Love” from Counting Crows will inspire even the coldest hearts to warm up and dance.

You can’t talk about Shrek 2 without mentioning “As Lovers Go,” the Ron Fair remix from Dashboard Confessional that brings a tear to even the most down on love.

Of course, there’s the Shrek 2 rendition of “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” which is just *chef’s kiss* — perfection.

So what did the social media realm say about Zegler’s confession? Well, it left everyone waving their red flags and exposing their own toxic traits. Let’s get real — everything in the Shrek realm is sheer perfection, and we’re not staying quiet about it anymore!

Everyone’s got a favorite from the soundtrack, and fans aren’t standing for any slander.

You know a soundtrack has hit the mark when you hear the songs in public and can play the entire scene in your head.

Zegler is the queen.

Her confession inspired other Shrek fans to share their own toxic traits regarding everyone’s favorite ogre.

If you feel like spending the rest of your day with the Shrek 2 soundtrack softly playing in the background — well, you’re not alone. Here’s to Shrek 2, and arguably one of the best soundtracks of all time.