San Holo’s “New Sky” Is Future Bass Bliss


2016 is starting to look like the year of future bass, which positions artists like San Holo for a swift takeover of the electronic music world. The Dutch producer is gearing up to release his New Sky EP through Monstercat, and he’s begun to generate buzz for the release by teasing out a track of the effort’s namesake.

“New Sky” is everything you want in a future bass song. Warm pad synths and palpitating 808 drum rolls set an inviting tone for the production, with borderline chiptune-reminiscent synth work on the high end giving the arrangement a distinctly Monstercat sound.

Considering the lackluster collaboration that San Holo and Yellow Claw turned out last month in the form of “Alright,” his new track renews our eagerness to see what else the New Sky EP has in store.

Listen to San Holo’s “New Sky” in the SoundCloud player above and check back for more from his upcoming effort.