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‘Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald says reconciling with Christine Quinn would take a miracle

Mary Fitzgerald has opened up on the continued trouble with Christine Quinn and how it impacts the Oppenheim Group.

Netflix’s hit real-estate reality television series, Selling Sunset, sells drama as expertly as the agents sell houses. The storylines are gripping, the characters are either loved or loathed, and viewers know a lot of controversy centers around the unofficial bad girl, Christine Quinn.

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Oppenheim real estate agent and office manager, Mary Fitzgerald, recently spoke to PEOPLE about tumultuous relationships with Quinn and how that dynamic impacts the rest of the office. It’s an idea that she’s had to spend a lot of time considering with her new position at the office.

“These women are my friends, but because I’m now in a in a manager position, I have to look at everybody and see what’s happening from an unbiased perspective. I think everyone’s kind of backed off and doesn’t even interact with her as much. In my opinion, she has dug her own grave and we’re waiting to see what happens next season.”

While it’s a truth she’s had to face, it wasn’t easy for Fitzgerald to write Quinn off, and as fans of the series know, the ups and downs in her friendship dealt a heavy blow to Fitzgerald on several occasions throughout the series.

When Netflix first introduced fans to Selling Sunset, it was clear that while the houses were beautiful and dream-worthy, the drama and the interpersonal relationships would be a significant selling point for the series. For some, beautiful bonds have formed, but for others, it seems that cold shoulders and broken friendships are all that exist.

“I wish she would have been able to to change earlier and she wouldn’t have done some things she’s done along the way, but I can’t make people behave the way I want them to, so that’s on her.”

Fitzgerald works hard to make sure things remain professional in her new role, but no personal relationship exists between the pair. It looks like that rings true for everyone in the office.

“I’m professional and will do whatever it takes to communicate and interact with anybody if it’s a work-related thing, but for Christine and I, personally, I feel like I’ve given chance after chance. Honestly, I just don’t think about her. She’s not involved in any of our lives and we don’t hang out together.”

During the season five finale of Selling Sunset, Quinn’s future at the Oppenheim Group was left unwritten after an accusation that she attempted to pay a client to stop working with another realtor at the group. Likely, fans won’t know the truth of Quinn’s place in the Oppenheim Group until the sixth season (Cosmo notes that Netflix confirmed seasons 6 & 7 already), but social media is housing some clues.

You can stream all five seasons of Selling Sunset on Netflix now, and we’ll warn you ahead of time that it’s the kind of series you sit down to watch and end up binging all evening. So you’ll want to clear your calendars first.

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