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‘She-Hulk’ writer never even considered this ‘Secret Invasion’ connecting character

One Marvel character that some fans were expecting to make a cameo appearance was not even considered for 'She-Hulk.'

Tatiana Maslany in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law'
Image via Marvel Studios

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law may have broken the record for most cameo appearances in a Disney/Marvel series. Despite Jennifer Walters specifically telling us that that was not how the show was going to go down, it ended up being the case with the likes of her cousin The Hulk, Emil Blonsky a.k.a The Abomination, Wong, Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil, and even Megan Thee Stallion joining her on screen. There was even a surprise cameo at the very end that introduced a new member of the Hulk family. There was one character, however, that would have been a great tie-in to Marvel’s upcoming Secret Invasion that apparently was never even considered.

Secret Invasion will land on Disney Plus in the earlier half of next year and will follow the long-standing character of Nick Fury as he weeds out shape-shifting Skrulls who have been hiding and taking on prominent roles, including impersonating heroes, on Earth for years. Before She-Hulk aired, fans wondered if they would get to see a friendship between Jennifer and the Skrull Jazinda which would have allowed the series to tie in with each other — after all, Marvel does love their easter eggs.

This friendship is something found in the She-Hulk comics penned by Peter David in the mid-00s, when the two set out on an adventure together, traveling and living in a motor home as they work as bounty hunters. The events of Secret Invasion in the comics get in the way of their friendship as it is discovered that Jazinda is the daughter of the Super-Skrull, one of the comics’ prime antagonists.

Marvel comic panel of Jazinda and She-Hulk
Image via Marvel Comics

The lack of inclusion of the character was brought up with She-Hulk Head writer Jessica Gao when in an interview with ComicBook interviewer Jenna Anderson asked, “Secret Invasion is right around the corner, was there ever any consideration of bringing in Jazinda and tying in the Skrulls at all?” Gao responded, “I don’t think we’ve ever brought up Jazinda,” explaining, “we might have probably pitched a Skrull idea here or there, but nothing ever really seriously.”

So there may be no tie between She-Hulk and Secret Invasion, but after watching their adorable chemistry, fans are wondering if we will see the relationship between Matt Murdock and Jennifer continue which may possibly lead to a crossover in Daredevil: Born Again. With no season two for the lawyer/Hulk on the cards so far, we don’t know when we get a glimpse of our big green fabulous gal again, or how she will continue to grow in the MCU.

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