Suicide Squad Director Confirms Who DCEU’s Dead Robin Is

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via Warner Bros.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice confirmed that the DCEU’s Robin was dead, in a shot of the Boy Wonder’s suit on display in the Batcave with Joker graffiti all over it, but it didn’t give us much more than that to work with. We got a further hint at the tragic event that had transpired in the following film in the franchise though, Suicide Squadwith Harley Quinn’s intro revealing she was an “accomplice to the murder of Robin.”

For the longest time, fans assumed it was Jason Todd who’d died at the Joker’s hands, as per the Death in the Family comic book arc. However, Zack Snyder ultimately revealed it was actually Dick Grayson. As it’s so unexpected, this isn’t something all fans have got their heads around yet. But Suicide Squad director David Ayer has now likewise echoed Snyder’s statement, agreeing on Twitter that it was Dick who died.

Ayer’s affirmation confused fans further, though, as he’s previously said it was Jason who was murdered. The filmmaker jokingly explained away why he got it wrong last time, though.

Just in case you were wondering, Ayer also confirmed that Robin was not in Suicide Squad at any stage. We’re hoping there’s a chance we’ll see the Ayer Cut on HBO Max at some point, but even if we do, it won’t have Robin in it.

It’s been a notable week for news on the DCEU’s Robin. First, Snyder revealed that there will be an extra hint at what happened to Grayson in his Justice League cut. He also explained that, though Dick was gone, he was planning to introduce a new sidekick for Ben Affleck’s Batman later down the line – Carrie Kelley, from The Dark Knight Returns. It’s unknown where exactly she would’ve featured, however.

Though the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut is in limbo, we are getting sequel The Suicide Squad, which has Ayer’s blessing, next summer.