Zack Snyder Reveals Which Robin He Would’ve Used In The DCEU

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hinted at the existence of a wider Bat-family through that Joker-desecrated Robin suit in the Batcave. Director Zack Snyder, who’s set to further his original vision with the release of his Justice League cut next year, has now revealed that he had plans to debut a new sidekick to the Dark Knight in future movies. And unsurprisingly given the filmmaker’s love of Frank Miller, it was Carrie Kelley.

Over on Vero, Snyder was recently asked whether he had any plans to bring Dick Grayson’s Robin, as has confirmed to be the Boy Wonder Joker killed, back at any point or if he’d stay dead. “Stay dead,” Snyder revealed, before revealing that the Robin legacy would’ve continued with a new recruit. “…till Carrie.”

Carrie is a rare female Robin created by Miller for The Dark Knight Returns. Returns was a major influence on BvS, down to the framing of various shots and scenes, so it makes sense that Snyder wished to give Carrie her live-action debut in the DCEU. There were even rumors that she was going to appear in BvS back in the day. Remember when we all thought that’s who Jena Malone was playing?

It’s unknown where Carrie would’ve fit into the franchise, though. Snyder was set to produce Ben Affleck’s The Batman, so perhaps he would have asked his friend to insert her into his storyline. Or else she would’ve had a role in one of the two Justice League sequels he was aiming to do. Remember, Batman would’ve died in the JL trilogy, an idea played with in TDKR. 

Don’t expect to see Carrie’s Robin in Snyder’s Justice League, but he has confirmed that there’ll be a further hint at the death of Dick Grayson in his cut, which is coming to HBO Max sometime in 2021.