‘The Batman’ stars were shocked by the difference between Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight

bruce wayne the batman

Penguin heavies Max and Charlie Carver marveled at Robert Pattison’s ability to alternate between the ferocity of the Dark Knight, the angst of Bruce Wayne, and the coolness of the actor’s offscreen persona while filming The Batman.

The Carvers, who played the twin bouncers of the Iceberg Lounge, spoke about the film in an interview with The Illuminerdi. It was Charlie, however, who explained how he and Max were constantly impressed by Pattinson, starting with his amiable personality, and ending with his intimidating Batsuit.

“Rob, off camera, is just like the sweetest, goofiest guy, [a] consummate professional, but like so warm, so lovely to be around. When it came to shooting those scenes, we’d seen him in the batsuit before because I think we shot that big action sequence at the Drops’ factory warehouse where the Batmobile is revealed. We shot that first. That was one of the first things we all shot together. But nonetheless, he opens the door, or we open the door, and you see Batman in front of you. He was ferocious in that suit.”

He went on to say how surreal it was to get punched by the Caped Crusader, something that happened to him and Max “over and over again.” This contrasted with the way Pattinson played Batman’s alter-ego, which the twins didn’t observe until later.

“When we saw him as Bruce Wayne, it was the first time we’d seen Pattinson as that half of the character. It was shocking because we’re both big Batman fans here. It was just such a different take, and I think such an honest take about this wounded, traumatized billionaire. So we open up the door and the first take is sort of not quite sure what to expect. The contrast between Bruce and Batman couldn’t have been more different. You see it on the screen.”

It must have been a trip for the siblings to see Pattinson go about his daily routine as a regular dude, before he suits up as an armored vigilante and repeatedly beats them to a pulp, before finally interacting with them as a reclusive billionaire, but that’s showbiz.