The costumes of Marvel Phase Four will be on full display at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is back in full swing this year after having to cancel in 2020, and hold a severely diminished version in 2021 thanks to Covid-19. With fans rushing back to the convention to be close to their beloved movie, game, and comic book franchises nobody want to disappoint. Marvel will of course be there, with multiple events, panel discussions, and meet and greets, and from the looks of things, fans will get to have an up-close look at some of the coolest costumes from Marvel’s Phase Four.

@PhazeZeroMC posted a picture to Twitter of the set up which showcases the costumes of Moon Knight, Wanda, Dr. Strange, as well as Mighty Thor, and Thor from the most recent Thor: Love and Thunder.

Getting to see these costumes up close will be a treat for those attending the event. Costumes are a huge part of filmmaking, especially in the MCU, which adapts the beloved costumes from comic books to fit the modern-day big screen. Many of the actors note that putting on the costumes is what helps them feel like they have become the characters, so the saying goes “clothes maketh the man.”

As well as being able to see the costumes fans will be treated to several MCU events. Fans will be able to gain updated information on many of Marvel’s ongoing projects including animations, X-Men ‘97Marvel Zombies, and What If…? as well as a strong chance that fans will find out more about the series She-Hulk. There is also a strong chance that Marvel will use the event to drop the trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever