The internet is obsessed with this IKEA shark built just for the trans community

Ikea Blahj
Image via IKEA

In one generous, wholesome move, a trio of W’s were recently presented to IKEA, the trans community, and the internet.

According to a post by the official Instagram of the Halifax Sexual Health Centre, the Nova Scotian clinic found themselves on the receiving end of IKEA’s generosity in the form of Blåhaj, an internet-famous stuffed shark. But, this Blåhaj has the special distinction of sporting the colors of the transgender pride flag, making for the perfect comfort item for visiting patients.

This unique rendition of Blåhaj was part of a recent giveaway initiated by IKEA back in November 2022, in which members of the trans community could nominate themselves to receive the specially-colored toy, complete with their name embroidered on its fin.

The one received by the Halifax Sexual Health Centre stands (or, in this case, lays down) at the ready to provide supportive hugs for patients that arrive for the more stressful parts of their healthcare, such as blood draws, hormone injections, and pretty much anything involving a needle.

Journalist Kate Gray recently shouted out the clinic’s newest addition on Twitter, and now the internet is begging IKEA to expand trans flag Blåhaj beyond its giveaway-only status.

We could be in for the most heartwarming heist in history if IKEA doesn’t listen to the people.

But if such a heist puts the internet’s most beloved plushy into the hands of those whose hearts need a little extra attention, then cue that Mission: Impossible theme.

Indeed, the demand is unprecedented, to put it lightly.

As far as Blåhaj’s internet presence is concerned, this is just another Wednesday, but with those extra special colors offering a ray of hope to a community that could use quite a bit of it, this one looks primed to just hit different.