‘The Umbrella Academy’ star teases an intense season three

Image via Netflix

It’s been almost two years since we last saw the plight of the Hargreeves siblings in season two of The Umbrella Academy, and a whole new array of problems for Netflix’s favorite dysfunctional family are set to test their limits this summer. Most notable among them is the imposing Sparrow Academy; a Hargreeves family from a completely different timeline.

Speaking to MovieWeb.com, Jordan Claire Robbins, who portrays Grace, the siblings’ android mother in the series, didn’t hold back in describing the explosiveness of the upcoming season.

I would have to say this is my favorite version of Grace that I’ve had the gift of being able to play. But this season is completely out of left field, totally different, and I think fans are going to enjoy it. I had a blast.

Given that the first couple of seasons weren’t exactly ordinary, the upcoming season could really be doing some big things.

All the seasons are quite different because of the time travel and all the other elements in the world that make it quite limitless. But season three, I think is going to be my personal favorite so far, with this new family as you see from the previews and where season two ended up.

Limitless is a good word for the series; season two reached a point where just about anything could have happened, with hopeless situation after hopeless situation getting resolved in the most topsy-turvy time travel shenanigans you can imagine. Now, with the family set to face off against a brand new set of Hargreeves siblings, including a telekinetic cube named Christopher, things are bound to get more over-the-top than ever.

Season three of The Umbrella Academy will release to Netflix on June 22.