Thomas Gold Enlists M. Bronx For “Saints & Sinners”

Thomas Gold

In 2016, progressive house artists seem to be divided into the groups: those that want to incorporate more experimental sounds into their productions, and those that want to make their music more radio friendly. Thomas Gold is resigning himself to the latter category if “Saints & Sinners” featuring M. Bronx is any indication.

A vocal-driven track that relies far less on synth stack crescendos as it does instrumental samples, “Saints & Sinners” is easy listening that functions in settings outside of just festivals or nightclubs. It almost seems like a stretch to even call it progressive house even though it is, in fact, anchored to the four-four formula.

However, the song’s Clear Channel-friendly sound is ultimately its downfall. By combining an Axwell /\ Ingrosso-esque sound with the warbling electric guitar riffs of a single that U2 might have put out after their prime, the producer unfortunately delivers a release that doesn’t stand much of a chance of being remembered.

Thomas Gold‘s “Saints & Sinners” featuring M. Bronx is out now through Armada Music. After listening to it below, visit the comments section further down and let us know if you’ll look forward to hearing it over the rest of the festival season.