Tom Holland getting cast as Superman would be the villain origin story of DC fans everywhere

Image via DC Comics

When it comes to acting, the world loves Tom Holland as Spider-Man and has yet to embrace him in much else. His Cherry film was not a successful transition to serious acting and, now, with DC films being rebooted, people are scared that he might get offered one role in particular.

Discourse on this tweet posted in the wake of DC co-leaders James Gunn and Peter Safran’s announcement of multiple projects yesterday is predominantly negative as of this story’s writing. While several say Jacob Elordi has the right look to be America’s most-beloved fictional immigrant, others suggest the list of entertainers is evidence that the OP has inhaled too many bad fumes.

Others say the casting choices are terrible and that OP should feel bad for even floating their names. Differing sentiment goes so far as to say the suggestions are criminal and one fan adds that if any of this is becomes reality, it would doom the new developing slate again.

In the quoted re-tweets, various opinions suggest Wolfgang Novogratz would be an admirable choice, while others point out Holland would likely never be selected given his current business dealings with Sony and Marvel. Furthermore, the negativity towards these performers has motivated another fan to suggest only one man from the distant past could do justice to the difficult role.

The Superman: Legacy film, which will be written by James Gunn, will come out in 2025. It has no director or cast announced as of yet, and it won’t be another origin story for the character.