Tomorrowland’s UNITE Live Stream Events Will Spread The Party


When a festival is as big as the Boom, Belgium music gathering Tomorrowland, it feels like the whole world wants to be in on it. This isn’t lost on the organizers, as they’ve just announced plans for UNITE – a live stream of the festival at venues in Mexico and India that will incorporate live elements of the actual experience.

Much of the reasoning behind UNITE is probably ID&T’s plans to expand Tomorrowland to the India and Mexico markets; giving potential festivalgoers an opportunity to experience some semblance of the festival may turn out to be the best method of advertisement. In addition to the live stream, the showing will also feature special effects and local DJ performances among other draws to make for a unique spectacle.

The Tomorrowland UNITE live streams will take place on July 25th at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City as well as the National Sport Club of India’s Dome in Mumbai.