Vampire organizations warn mortals not to take blood-drinking advice from Megan Fox

Megan Fox Getty Images Remix By Keane Eacobellis

Megan Fox recently confirmed she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood from time to time. While some had a laugh at this reboot of the Jolie-Thornton relationship, so-called vampires have warned this can be risky.

An article published by TMZ today on the activity features Belfazaar Ashantison of The New Orleans Vampire Association. This real pretender tells the outlet the pair should be testing for potential diseases and blood-borne illnesses before they down the red drops when they do now and then and “vampires” are not immune to illnesses that can arise and impact non-costumed humans like hepatitis b and H.I.V.

“Ashantison says most vampires do extensive research on their blood donors before using even the slightest drop. He says it took him six months to get to know his blood donor and feel comfortable drinking their blood, and they still get tested every three months just to be sure [they are healthy].”

As well, Ashantison concurs with Father Sebastiaan of the Endless Night Vampire Ball the experience is fine if consenting adults are doing it and Sebastiaan also tells TMZ one important thing you should do before channeling your inner Elizabeth Bathory is make sure you are withdrawing blood safely. It should not be done by oneself, and, ultimately, the only people who should do it here are those with training.

“Sebastiaan says blood withdrawal should only be done through medical professionals.”

Fox and MGK can be seen in the musician’s directorial debut, Good Mourning, on May 20.