Watch: Albert Wesker covers his tracks in final ‘Resident Evil’ trailer

Lance Reddick is soon bringing one of the most prominent characters in the Resident Evil world to life on Netflix’s ambitious live-action adaptation. Albert Wesker will be a force to reckon with, though the character’s origin story as a scientist at Umbrella Corporation might not make a point out of this.

As you can see in the trailer above, Wesker is sending his two daughters away from the lab, where things seem to be in a state of disarray. He then comes across a dead dog and puts his hands into the pool of blood gathering above its body. He smears the blood all over his head and face, preparing for what’s to come as an ominous and emotional score overwhelms the background.

Fans of Resident Evil video games might still retain their reservations about this version of Albert Wesker due to the huge differences in both appearance and character, but it’s worth noting that the story is basically going to revolve around his daughters, Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) and Billie Wesker (Siena Agudong), while Albert himself will only appear in the show’s past timeline.

Indeed, this new take on the story, which promises to remain faithful to the chronology of the video game series, will follow the story in two separate timelines; one depicting the world before the outbreak of the vicious T-virus and the other taking place more than a decade after it, with Jade Wesker exploring the ruins of civilization in search of answers about her family’s dark past.

Resident Evil is premiering in three days on Netflix.