Watch: ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ Netflix trailer teases heavenly new comedy show

Image via Netflix

The new trailer is here for an upcoming Netflix comedy show, God’s Favorite Idiot, starring Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone.

Falcone, who also created the show, stars as Clark Thompson, mid-level tech support employee who becomes the unwitting messenger of God. Around that same time, he also finds love with a co-worker in McCarthy’s Amily Luck.

In addition to angels being brought into the mix, messengers from hell also arrive, as the plot appears to revolve around an impending apocalypse. There’s not only a lake of fire, but roller-skating in the show, too.

In real life, Falcone is McCarthy’s husband, according to his biography on the website for The Groundlings theater, of which both he and McCarthy are alumni. The couple even shares two children together, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for the pair to come up with some chemistry on screen.

Falcone has also collaborated with McCarthy on a number of past projects as well, such as co-writing and directing Life of the Party, The Boss, and Tammy. He also co-starred in one of McCarthy’s breakout comedies, Bridesmaids, as well as 2013’s The Heat.

God’s Favorite Idiot also stars Denise Roberts, Leslie Bibb, Kevin Dunn, Lynn Gilmartin, Usman Ally, Goran D. Kleut, Chris Sandiford, Emma Kate Lawrence, Ana Scotney, Jane Larkin, Yure Covich, Rahel Romahn, Elke Hinrichsen, Nathalie Oliveira, Ash Harris, and Sharon Brooks.

God’s Favorite Idiot comes to Netflix June 15.