Watch: Netflix announces ‘Love on the Spectrum U.S.,’ debuting May 18

Image via Netflix

Netflix released the official trailer for Love on the Spectrum U.S., the American version of the beloved Australian dating show, which will debut on the platform on May 18. The trailer was accompanied by a synopsis:

Love on the Spectrum – US is an insightful and warm-hearted docu-reality series following autistic people as they navigate the world of dating and relationships. Following the success of the multi award winning Australian series, this US based series tells the stories of a unique and diverse cast of characters searching for something we all hope to find, love.”

Netflix first announced the show in March, but details remained hazy. Thanks to the trailer, we now know the faces of the new cast, even if we don’t yet know the names. Also, according to Netflix Life, we can expect six episodes on May 18 at roughly 30 to 40 minutes a piece.

If it’s anything like its predecessor, Love on the Spectrum U.S. will be one of the best-received shows of the year. The Australian version, which premiered in 2020 and consists of two seasons, was a breath of fresh air in a pandemic that was both viral and cultural. The Chicago Tribune‘s Michael Phillips said it best: “Unlike Tiger King or The Bachelor, or certain real-life political reality shows that lost touch with the real world a long time ago, Love on the Spectrum is about empathy.”

Mark your calendars for May 18 if you want to see love on the spectrum, American style.