Watch: Netflix drops trailer for Victoria Justice rom com ‘A Perfect Pairing’


A new romantic comedy starring Victoria Justice and and Adam Demos is headed to Netflix, and it’s all about wine.

The movie’s called A Perfect Pairing and stars Justice as a wine company exec who quits her fast-paced job and ends up as a ranch hand under a rugged Demos.

In the trailer, Justice is Lola Alvarez. She finds herself in need of a really big client, so she travels to Australia to try and bag one. The trailer is light and fun and shows off Lola in her new digs adjusting to a brand new way of life.

She does fun things like fry electrical outlets and clumsily empty feed bags. There’s also a bevy of cute puns like naming a sheep “Baaaarbara Streisand” and saying things like “what the flock!”

Of course, the engine of the narrative is the love story – and it looks like there’s plenty of that.

Here’s the official synopsis, courtesy of Netflix.

When Lola (Victoria Justice), a hard-driving LA wine company sales exec, quits her job in hopes of starting her own wine distribution company, she eagerly books herself a plane ticket to rural Australia to chase her first potential client, Vaughn Family Wines. Unfortunately for Lola, the Vaughn Family is not interested in doing business with a fledgling company. Eager to prove herself, Lola volunteers to fill a vacant position on the Vaughn sheep farm as a farmhand. At first, Lola doesn’t seem cut out for the tough work of mending fences and wrangling sheep, but she and the dashing station manager Max (Adam Demos) strike up a friendship as he trains her. And, as they open up to one another, Lola discovers that Australia has introduced her to much more than just a love for entrepreneurship with a newfound love for Max. But will Max’s secrets prevent Lola from reaping what she romantically sows?

A Perfect Pairing lands on the streaming service on May 19.