Watch: Netflix invites you to join Nevermore Academy — Addams family alma mater


If you’ve never gotten over the devastation of not receiving your letter to Hogwarts, another prestigious school is now accepting applications, and Netflix is telling you all about it.

Nevermore Academy, the alma mater of the Addams family, is inviting you to apply to their school for the outcasts. You’ll be roaming the halls with students alive and dead, and you might even have a class with Wednesday Addams herself. 

That’s right; Nevermore Academy is the school that disregards normies and invites the castaways to find a home and hone in on their unique talents. The upcoming Netflix series, Wednesday, will undeniably spend a lot of time focusing on Nevermore Academy, and we’ve already submitted our application.

Wait, you weren’t sure if the application process was real? Oh, it is, and delightfully frightfully so. You begin with a short quiz to see if you’re Nevermore material and are soon informed that you’ll receive admission status in the coming weeks. 

The informational video shares the academy’s mission statement, which is to help each student master their unique abilities. You’ll exist in spaces where everyone from Edgar Allen Poe to the Addams grew their talents, and we can’t think of anything more exciting. Oh, and don’t get us started on the uniforms; they’re so chic, if you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

Wednesday appears at the end of the video invitation, and she extends an extra special surprise when you submit your application: free decapitations! That’s right; if that head on your shoulders is driving you mad, they’ll take care of it for you.