Watch: Trailer unveiled for latest Mel Gibson movie, ‘Hot Seat’


It’s all hackers, secret identities, and a ready-to-explode chair in the upcoming thriller Hot Seat.

Starring Mel Gibson, Shannen Doherty, Kevin Dillon, and newlywed Sam Asghari, the film’s plot follows an ex-hacker turned good guy, Orlando Friar, who is forced to try to de-value the system and break into high-level establishments, ones he is now tasked with protecting as an IT support agent.

The hot seat turns literal when Friar finds out that the chair he’s sitting on is rigged with a powerful bomb that could blow up his entire office. He has the lives of his co-workers in his anxious hands as he tries to make several life-saving decisions.

Of course, help soon enters the picture as Gibson takes on the role of Wallace Reed — a bomb squad officer who might just be the only saving grace Friar has. Once a hacker, it appears to anyone looking in that he’s behind the whole scenario himself; it’ll be up to Reed to work with him and not only save the day, but also prove his innocence.

James Cullen Bressack directs Hot Seat alongside producers Randall Emmett and George Furla. It was announced in early October of 2021 that Gibson would star in the film, with principal photography taking place in November in Mexico.

Speaking to Deadline, Furla and Emmett shared their excitement to work with Gibson once again.

“This is our third movie with Mel and we couldn’t be happier to continue the relationship with such an iconic and exceptional artist.”

You can see Gibson in Hot Seat, headed to select theaters with a digital and on-demand release on July 1.

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