Who was the kid that crashed the 2022 Game Awards, and what did he say?

Credit: The Game Awards

The 2022 Game Awards ended on an extremely awkward note. While Elden Ring fans around the world were certainly elated when FromSoftware took out the coveted Game of the Year award for their epic title released earlier this year, the moment was stolen by a random interloping kid who snuck up on stage, blending in with Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team.

While there were a lot of amazing game announcements, well-deserved award winners, and lovely moments (like the cross-medium union of The Last of Us actors) to take away from this year’s show, this random kid will probably be the biggest meme to come out of this year’s show. That includes someone named Milf Hunter winning themselves a Steam Deck.

Did that kid just say something about Bill Clinton?

Credit: The Game Awards / Twitter / @WWantep

You didn’t hear incorrectly. After Miyazaki and his team wrapped up their acceptance speech, the intruder approached the microphone and said, word for word, “I would like to nominate this award for my reformed Orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton.” If you listen closely you can hear the gatecrasher being approached by security before the microphone is cut off.

Nothing is known of the devout Bill Clinton fan’s name beside the statement he made, but what we do know is that this person has since been arrested, per event host and founder Geoff Keighley, mere minutes after the event wrapped up:

There were reportedly a number of undisclosed parties that were aware of the unnamed gatecrasher’s intentions leading up to the already-infamous moment, per a number of screenshots shared to Twitter. 

Internet sleuths appear to have potentially narrowed down the culprit to a particular Twitter user who is apparently a 17-year-old partnered Twitch streamer who goes by ‘Wantep,’ sharing a screenshot of the incident on their feed. Perhaps a friend logged in for them, considering that they have been apparently arrested. 

This all happened very suddenly, so we will keep you posted the more we learn about how, why, and what exactly unfolded.