Witness Releases Statement Regarding DVBBS Incident


Canadian DJ duo DVBBS have been on the receiving end of some unwanted press this week as news unfolded regarding an incident where at least two women were found unconscious in their green room after their performance at Balaton Sound. Following the duos arrest and release at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest on drug related charges, an eyewitness to the controversy has come forward to offer their version of what transpired that night.

According to the witness, she and her friends had been invited backstage by DVBBS and wanted to take pictures with the two DJs and get their autographs. In her testimonial, she states that Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre, the brothers who comprise DVBBS, had been kind to her and her associates, “but then we drank something and that image was shattered. They used, fooled, and ambushed us and we can not find the words to explain what happened.”

From the testimony, it is unclear what the witness drank or who gave it to her and her friends. Her account of the event may lead many to believe they consumed a drink spiked with a date rape drug, but police have released a statement that there were no signs of sexual abuse. A third party speaking on behalf of the witnesses stated that “everyone knows that girls go into the dressing rooms to sleep with the stars, but they are not like that.”

The witness further states that two of the women exited the green room appearing “visibly ill but still themselves.” According to her story, a third friend came out of the room, but was blocked by the duo’s manager when she attempted to return for another friend. A fourth friend then exited the room “crying, afraid, and not knowing where she was,” and continued crying in the bathroom. At this point, another woman made a scene attempting to enter the room, and DVBBS are alleged to have left the venue. The last friend was then discovered unconscious in the green room.

DVBBS have already been dropped from the lineup of Sziget Festival in Hungary following the controversy, and it’s unclear at this point how much blowback their career will experience over the incident. The organizers behind Balaton Sound have stated that there are no cameras or photography allowed in the green rooms, but local police are still searching for more evidence as they continue their investigation.

DVBBS have yet to release a comprehensive statement regarding their side of the events that transpired, but there will likely be further developments in this story.