Zeds Dead And Freddie Gibbs’ “Back Home” Fails To Impress


If you feel that Zeds Dead releases have been a mixed bag lately, you’re not the only one. The Toronto-based duo has flip-flopped between their dubstep roots and a variety of electronic music styles with tracks which have reached varying degrees of success, and their Freddie Gibbs collaboration, “Back Home,” falls on the less impressive end of the spectrum.

Of course, how you feel about the track is certainly a matter of vantage point. The minimalist production style is clearly intended to make Gibbs’ verses the centerpiece of the arrangement, and to that end it serves its purpose.

However, when you take into account how they were able to juggle both functions with their remix of Omar Linx’s “Red Light Green Light,” allowing breathing room for the verses seems like something of an excuse.

Zeds Dead‘s “Back Home” featuring Freddie Gibbs does mark the duo’s inaugural release on their new record label, Deadbeats, so perhaps the understated production style of the track is an indicator of what’s to come. Until they give us more, let us know what you think of the track by making a trip down to the comments section.