Marjorie Taylor Greene lists reasons to ‘love’ Trump and daydreams of his future as U.S. president after he declares his upcoming arrest

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald Trump - Getty
Photo by Joe Raedle/Tom Pennington/Getty Images

If it hasn’t become clear yet that Marjorie Taylor Greene peers through rose-tinted glasses when it comes to describing Donald Trump, the politician has highlighted it again in the wake of the former president’s narcissistic rant claiming that he will be arrested this coming Tuesday. As far as MTG is concerned, she says if Trump is arrested he will “ultimately win bigger” as he has done “nothing wrong” and has always “fought for the American people.” In short, as Greene boldly proclaims, “we love him.”

It all started with Trump having a nervous meltdown after learning that he will be arrested because of a Manhattan district attorney investigation about the $130,000 payment he made to adult film star Stormy Daniels just before the 2016 elections to buy her silence over their alleged sexual encounter. While no official comments have been made about the possibility, Trump took to his social media handle on Truth Social to air his rant about the injustice of it all and how his supporters should protest against the arrest of the “leading Republican candidate and former president of the United States of America.”

So, of course, MTG who has never been shy about how much she loves to support Trump — she recently “100% aligned” with the former president’s World Ward 3 claims — had to take to Twitter to fight on his behalf and swear retribution against anyone questioning his “traditional values.”

In case Trump is even arrested — which would be the first instance of a former U.S. president’s indictment — you can write down Greene’s name in bold capital letters on the list of his supporters crying wolf about how unfairly the former POTUS is being treated.