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What’s this? ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ quiz you have no hope in Halloween Town of acing

Think you know a scary amount about the beloved movie? Let's put it to the test.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Image via Disney

There are many a Halloween-themed movie that get trotted out every spooky season, not to mention the abundance of Christmas flicks that grab the limelight every festive period. However, The Nightmare Before Christmas stands alone in being a film that enjoys its time in the spotlight on both holidays, as some devoted fans of the beloved stop-motion animation watch it in October, some revisit it in December, and others simply stick it on twice a year.

What this means is that anyone who loves the movie has seen it an awful lot. They can likely sing along with Jack Skellington and the folks of Halloween Town unprompted and spout obscure facts about the production to whoever they’re watching with, like a walking, talking IMDb trivia page. If that’s sounding familiar, then you’re the perfect candidate for our fiendishly fierce The Nightmare Before Christmas quiz.

The following 15 questions range from challenging your memory of the movie itself to testing you on how much you know about what went on behind the scenes. It might seem as intimidating as being locked in Oogie Boogie’s dungeon, but don’t be discouraged. To misquote the Pumpkin King himself, you might just excel without ever even trying.

What's this? A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' quiz you have no hope in Halloween Town of acing

Which of these is NOT one of the Holiday Doors glimpsed in the movie's opening?
Chris Sarandon serves as Jack Skellington's speaking voice. Which iconic horror movie did he previously appear in?
Catherine O'Hara voices two characters in the film. Sally and... who else?
Which 'Star Trek' icon was originally cast as Santa Claus before being replaced?
Before it became an animated feature, how did Tim Burton originally envision the project?
What is the name of this character?
What song contains the lines: "Just because I cannot see it/Doesn't mean I can't believe it"
Henry Selick handled directing duties because Tim Burton was busy working on which other movie at the time?
A nixed plot twist would have revealed Oogie Boogie as another character in disguise. Who?
Tim Burton once got so annoyed during a production meeting that he...
Jack Skellington has a cameo as an undead pirate in which other Henry Selick movie?
Composer/Jack's singing voice Danny Elfman performed the movie's songs at Coachella 2022. Which singer performed as Sally?
What did Disney try — and fail — to change about the movie?
Jack Skellington made his live-action debut in an episode of ABC's 'Once Upon a Time'
How many reindeer pull Jack's version of Santa's sleigh?
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