Andrew Tate’s Romanian detention may have gotten extended, but that hasn’t stopped his Twitter account

Andrew Tate Piers Morgan Uncensored
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It seems as if kickboxer, self-described misogynist, and suspected human trafficker, Andrew Tate will be spending Valentine’s Day in Romanian custody after court officials extended his detention while authorities continue their investigation into allegations of sexual assault and exploitation. But that seemingly hasn’t kept the highly controversial “media personality” away from his newly reinstated Twitter account — or at least someone purporting to be him.

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Tate’s “official” Twitter account, @cobratate appears to be fully functional and posting despite the extension of his detention, with posts having been made, purportedly by Tate, within at least 44 minutes of this article’s publication. The Tweets have some wondering if Tate has made or is enjoying special arrangements as a detainee and has been allowed to keep possession of his phone or allowed to use a computer with internet access.

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However, it’s unlikely, though not impossible, that Tate is making the Tweets personally. According to Insider, Stefan Loredan, a Romanian attorney who has closely followed Tate’s case, he would not be allowed a phone while in custody. Though contraband phones can be obtained through bribery and other means, Lonergan believes that “in terms of his tweets, I think there’s somebody else tweeting on his behalf, if you ask me. I don’t think he has a phone inside.”

Tate retweeted a post from @CensoredMen stating that no new evidence had been presented at the hearing to extend the detention of Tate and his brother Tristan, who is also being investigated for the same allegations. The tweet seemed to imply the brothers would be released soon, but this has not proven to be the case, as both of the Tates are now being held until Feb. 27 at the earliest.

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Tristan Tate also appears to have an active Twitter account despite his incarceration. It seems possible and even likely that one person may be tweeting for both men.