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‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ fans get carried away with the MCU’s idea of foreshadowing

One Kang fan reads a little too deeply into the recently released image of the multiversal villain by making some tenuous connections.

Kang/He Who Remains in Loki
Image via Marvel Studios

With the introduction of the villainous Kang into the MCU in Loki, and now his reappearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, diehards fans are reading as much as they possibly can into… well everything. One fan believes that this recently released image of Kang may have been foreshadowed.

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The image shows Kang sitting on his throne, a symbol that is hugely important to the character in the comics. It is the design of the throne that has some people abuzz, though others are a little skeptical that there is a deeper meaning to this. The design of the chair is a little art deco, using circles and lines on the padding which some are saying are similar to the circles we saw behind the He Who Remains chair in Loki. For a huge, dangerous villain he sure does like to sit a lot.

Of course, directors, art directors, and production designers all love to keep cohesive themes when it comes to character design, and despite this being a different variant, having a repeating design throughout connects them together, even if only tenuously. If we really inspect it though, they aren’t really that similar.

One fan posted the side-by-side comparison of the two shots, writing “they were insane for this foreshadowing.”

Foreshadowing entails leaving a small nugget of information that then goes on to become something much bigger in the plot later on. If done skillfully enough we may not even realize that this is what’s happened until much later. This doesn’t seem to be the case here, this is just a design choice that may, or may not, have been a conscious decision to connect the two characters.

They believe that the design and way it was shot are too similar to be a coincidence.

Many chimed in to state that maybe they are reading into it too much.

With some jumping on the fact that the similarities seem to start and end with the fact that Kang is sitting in a chair.

It is possible for a character to sit down more than once according to this user.

Some couldn’t really see it at all.

There is a difference between foreshadowing and keeping a running design theme.

Some are also taking umbrage with the idea that the designs are even remotely similar.

Another user came up with this comic book-inspired zinger, we have to give props for creativity.

It is indeed a bit of a reach to think that the fact that this character, or variants of the same character, sitting down in chairs, that have a circle design on them is an obvious example of foreshadowing. The one thing we can say is that He Who Remains did say he would see us soon, and here he is once more (or not him, his variant him… you get it), and, rather than foreshadowing, that was just outright telling us what was coming.