Instagram will stop at nothing to defeat Pornhub, deleting the site’s second account

Pornhub gets banned from Instagram Twice
Credit: Pornhub / MindGeek

Pornhub’s second attempt at having a presence on Instagram by way of a new handle, ‘p.hub.forever’, is gone just as quickly as it came – less than ten days after its return was announced.

Ban it once, shame on Pornhub. Ban it twice, and a clear pattern of Instagram and/or Meta taking issue with it having any sort of existence on its platform emerges. 

Credit: Instagram / Meta

Meta gave no indication as to the reasoning behind the second ban, but it may have to do with the nixing of the original account back in September. At the time, Pornhub’s consistent violation of Instagram’s community guidelines over the course of a decade resulted in its ban, which at the time had over 13 million followers, reports Variety.

In the time period between accounts, Pornhub and a number of its allies in the adult film industry penned an open letter to Instagram and its parent company Meta. 

It accuses the social media company of double standards and discrimination against the adult entertainment industry, making specific mention of Instagram not batting an eye when Kim Kardashian posts her bare behind on the platform.

The whole debacle unfolded a month following Visa and Mastercard’s suspension of payment privileges to ad platform TrafficJunky, owned by Pornhub’s parent company MindGeek, which is being sued for allegedly distributing child pornography.

Take from all of this what you will, but something tells us the back and forth between the two platforms is far from over.