Movie fans share the films they’d like to see go to space

It used to be that going into space was the way a film would let you know that it had reached its pinnacle, where the stakes were at their highest. Nick Fury said it in Spider-Man: Far From Home, “b***h please. You’ve been to space!” Movie fans are now sharing which film and characters they think would be great if they could just get it set above the stratosphere.

Some film franchises go on for so long that they run out of ideas, and that’s when, somehow, the characters end up in space. It used to be that heading into space was an amazing goal for a character but in many cases, it meant that those in the writer’s room were scratching their heads. Though this premise of sending someone to space to add more drama to a series makes many groan some people love the daftness of it all.

In a slightly odd uncle at Thanksgiving dinner tirade, one movie lover thinks that more movies need to be sending more characters to space, especially if it is completely unnecessary.

Reddit users jumped on board with the idea, naming movies and characters that they think would be able to make the transition from being a little ridiculous on earth to totally ridiculous in space. Who doesn’t love watching a good over-the-top movie every so often?

One user suggested the ever-crazy Fast and Furious saga, not realizing that well – they’ve been there and done that already.

Maybe they could ratch it up even more in a future film, but seriously, this franchise started with them just hijacking cars!

One user thinks that the dinosaurs will no longer be satisfied with earth.

Not sure this one quite fits the bill…

But the puns do write themselves.

This user feels like producers should know when to quit.

Another person agreed, believing that once a character has gone into space in a completely forced and unnecessary manner then the show is kind of done for.

We still get our fair share of crazy over-the-top Hollywood space films, take 2022’s Moonfall for example, a film with a plot so bizarre and over the top that it’s out of this world… a terrible pun for a terrible movie. Though they may not be many people’s cup of tea there is a devoted fanbase for this kind of crazy filmmaking and where there is a fanbase, there is usually content.