The 10 stupidest internet challenges of all time

internet challenge
Image via Youtube/nater/Clement Abric/Discovery Channel Southeast Asia

Warning: The following article contains descriptions of internet challenges, some of which are dangerous and could result in injury or death. These are being provided for informational purposes only and are not recommended or endorsed by We Got This Covered or its staff. Please proceed with caution and do not attempt these challenges.

Internet challenges aren’t always up to no good. Some might challenge people to give to charity or to do something positive for their neighborhood. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a huge event that went viral to help fund research on a new ALS pharmaceutical. Today, that medication has been approved by the FDA.

But while some challenges are trying to accomplish good things and make this world a better place, others are just plain stupid and it’s really unclear why anyone would follow a challenge that could ultimately lead to their death. Doing it for the Likes is the way these users try to get attention. It’s just sad that being in the headlines after their untimely death isn’t the way they envisioned it.

Banana Sprite Challenge

internet challenge
Image via Alex Stallo

A vomit-inducing challenge involves these champions eating several bananas while drinking a large amount of Sprite. If the camera is rolling the entire time, viewers get to watch the evolution of someone who appears healthy slowly turn into someone miserable and begging for mercy. The jury is still out whether bananas and Sprite have a violent reaction to each other inside a person’s digestive system or if it’s merely a result of consuming that much over such a short period of time. But anyone who tries this challenge will be locked into a marriage with the toilet bowl or a bucket soon after the rumbling in their stomach begins.

Bird Box Challenge

bird box challenge
Image via ET Canada

Sandra Bullock starred in the 2018 film Bird Box where in an interesting twist to the story, she had to wear a mask over her eyes to stay alive. Of course, as anyone knows, that’s enough to prompt a challenge. People recorded themselves blindfolded walking around their houses bumping into walls or walking around outside falling over things. It was hilarious for the most part. But there are even videos of people doing increasingly more dangerous stunts like driving while blindfolded. It shouldn’t have to be necessary but it seems it is these days to warn people not to drive while impeding their sight in any way. Results could include crashing into buildings or running over innocent bystanders.

Cameron Boyce Challenge

Cameron Boyce
Image via Wagging Tails Productions

This challenge shows the worst in what some people are willing to do for likes. Cameron Boyce was a famous actor who died suddenly in 2019 from SUDEP or Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. YouTube has attempted to take down all the videos where people had recorded themselves faking seizures and acting as if they had died. His family and friends were shocked that these videos were being made and the challenge had attracted that much attention.

Cheesed Challenge

cheese challenge
Image via Inside Edition

The Cheesed Challenge is a fairly innocent one where parents were recording themselves smacking their kids upside the head with a slice of cheese. Most kids laughed because their parents were laughing. Other kids started eating the food off their faces. But there were kids among the millions who weren’t too happy. Parents who find it funny to make their kids cry are a special kind of breed. This one makes the list of stupid challenges because quite frankly, it’s just plain stupid.

Orbeez Challenge

internet challenge
Image via Inside Edition

When water beads are mixed with water, they expand and can be shot out of a gel blaster at a high rate of speed. At first, the challenge was to shoot friends or immediate family members who took it in stride or were armed with their own weapon to fire back. But some challengers took it upon themselves to start firing at unsuspecting people like the drive-by shooting of a mother who was walking her infant in a stroller. When the beads hit, they can cause welts. Another warning seems necessary here that shooting an infant with a projectile of any kind could cause death.

Condom Challenge

condom challenge
Image via Clement Abric

The Condom Challenge would be great if it was being used to promote safe sex. But sadly it’s not. The challenge is to put the condom up the nose and to snort it in until it hits the back of the throat. Then, these bright individuals can reach in and pull it out of their mouths. Of course, the nasal cavity does have a channel that makes that possible. But this activity can cause choking and loss of breath. That’s a horrific way to die while the camera is rolling.

Salt and Ice Challenge

ice and salt challenge
Image via Discovery Channel Southeast Asia

This Salt and Ice challenge seems harmless. But it’s not. Not at all. Pouring salt on their hands or arm, these daredevils then apply ice. When the burning sensation starts, these guys are supposed to endure it for as long as they can. It only takes a few seconds for them to begin feeling it, but the burning is real. Second and third-degree burns have been reported as well as open sores.

Tide Pod Challenge

internet challenge
Image via nater

To the shock of anyone with common sense, the Tide Pod challenge broke the headlines a few years ago. Because of their packaging, a few young kids thought they were candy. They were rushed to the hospital and poison control centers took thousands of phone calls from concerned parents dealing with their poisoned children. That should be enough to deter anyone from putting a pod in their mouth intentionally. But of course, as the internet goes, that became the latest challenge. Teenagers were eating them on purpose and poisoning themselves. The YouTuber above known as “nater” promised to eat the pod, but as he started to put it in his mouth, he pulled it away and surprised everyone who was watching with a lecture about how stupid this challenge is. Good for him!

NyQuil Chicken Challenge

internet challenge
Image via Know Your TikTok

What a meal this would make! Pour some NyQuil on chicken while cooking. How this became a challenge is anyone’s guess, but it’s not a good idea. First of all, taking more NyQuil than prescribed can cause hallucinations, and overdosing can cause death. Not only that but NyQuil vapors from cooking it over chicken can be breathed in and cause severe lung damage. This will not make a good meal. What it can do is lead to death in more ways than one.

Coronavirus Challenge

coronavirus lick bowl
Image via Dr. Phil

For some reason, 2020 pulled out some real characters. Unbelievably, some streamers recorded themselves walking into public places and coughing to scare everyone. One lady coughed on the groceries in a supermarket. So, this challenge doesn’t seem as serious as those but it did land one influencer named Larz in quarantine after being diagnosed with COVID. Viewed here, Ava Louise thought she was doing a service by licking her toilet bowl during the pandemic. On Dr. Phil, she described that service as bringing to light all the lies the media was reporting about the coronavirus and how it wasn’t as serious as they were making it out to be. Ironically, Dr. Phil pointed out that she bleached the toilet before licking it. If it wasn’t that serious, why did she feel the need to bleach the toilet?