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‘The manager got NO TIME for that mess’: McDonald’s customer kicks off 5 minutes before closing, gets instantly shut down by manager

Believe fast food staff when they say they're closed.

Screengrabs via TikTok

There have been more videos popping up on TikTok lately in which managers come to the side of their employees after they get harassed by customers. The same can be said for this notable leader at McDonald’s, who was able to shut down this customer after he arrived at a drive-thru five minutes before closing, thinking that there would still be food waiting for him upon his arrival.

The customer in question pulled out his camera and started recording after being informed that there was no food left at his local McDonald’s. The guy believed the stoves would still be on this late because “they’re not closed yet,” which is technically true. However, his attitude immediately changed when the manager intervened and reiterated what his employees told him.


Mcdonalds Customer Betates Employees At 5 Minutes Till Closing

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It’s no surprise that this individual quickly changed his tune when speaking to a manager, hoping to be on good terms and receive some food. Fortunately, the manager saw through his facade and defended the two young women who were simply doing their jobs. It would be no surprise if the manager overheard what transpired before stepping in.

This just shows that some people stumble when faced with authority. According to SimplyPsychology, individuals often become obedient in the presence of someone with higher power. This isn’t the first time we have witnessed something like this on TikTok; as we recently saw a Karen who shifted her tone when she also faced a manager at a drive-thru.

St. Louis Magazine points out that the interpretation of closing times varies between restaurants and retail shops due to how they operate. Kitchens tend to close earlier, allowing employees to begin cleanup. Consequently, when someone arrives 5 to 10 minutes before closing, it becomes uncertain whether or not they can be served. However, the same can be said for customers since some individuals, like this drive-thru customer, thinks it’s acceptable to order food this late purely on the basis of business hours.

“The customer is always right” has always been a saying in the service industry, and strictly speaking, this customer was technically correct since he arrived before it closed. However, thanks to social media, we now witness managers no longer abiding by that statement when necessary. So if a restaurant says they’re closed because you arrive very late, just listen to them; arguing won’t create a better outcome.

Maybe he should have arrived a bit earlier if he wanted his Big Macs so badly.

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