TikTok’s ‘soldier, poet, or king’ quiz, explained

Soldier, Poet, King quiz
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For all the TikTok users who might have spent enough time on the platform to last for a lifetime, you might have noticed TikTok has been at the root of some of the biggest trends on the internet. From dance challenges to trendy quizzes, TikTok has been a purveyor of all kinds of content on the largest video platform of the last few years. Some of the quizzes in question are celebrated for numerous reasons — whether it may be a serious personality questionnaire or a silly and trendy quiz, TikTok will popularize it all.

One of the quizzes to have been dominating the platform is the “Soldier, Poet, or King,” quiz, which determines whether the user is — well, a soldier, a poet, or a king. Inspired by a song by Oh Hello, this quiz, with the same name as its inspiration source, prompts users to share their results, oftentimes surprised about their ultimate outcome. The questionnaire is composed of 20 questions and it can be found and taken on Uquiz, and it appears to have had an enormous increase in searches since everyone wants to discover whether they are a soldier, a poet, or a king.

What do the results mean?


Highly recommend taking the quiz, it asks some interesting questions. The description of king made so much sense for me but damn I wanted to be a poet… #greenscreen #poetsoldierking #soldierpoetkingquiz #soldierpoetking #king

♬ original sound – It was never meant to be o7

The quiz will undoubtedly include several whacky questions like “What does your anger feel like?” or ‘finish the sentence’ prompts like “If you were to hold a crown…” but this questionnaire will determine which of the categories the user will fit into: a soldier, a king or a poet. Even if this is just an online quiz, without any real veracity behind it, TikTok users have been taking it plenty seriously, so here’s what each category means.

If the result is the King, it means the user is burdened by power and responsibility, with a heavy sense of duty falling on their shoulders, carrying the weight of the world and the tackles bound by responsibility. Allegedly, users who get the King thrive for freedom, and for a chance to feel alive.

A poet, on the contrary, is an individualist artist, with a relentlessly powerful personality that inspires artistic freedom. Regardless, users who are determined to be poets tend to question their faith and themselves constantly, in spite of their constant thrive for beauty and art, without fear.

Soldiers, on the other hand, wish for glory and appear to be risk-takers, constantly pursuing their goals. Users who receive soldiers as a result are categorized as headstrong fighters, who know their role as goal-getters, unafraid of having to fight to achieve their objectives. While no one can receive all three results, many users on the platform have taken the initiative in pondering what each role may entail, and how exactly the results are intertwined.

Although these results may not fit your perception of yourself, many TikTok users have taken the opportunity to share their results with others, and ponder on their own individual trait — even if it is a quiz on the internet.