What is ‘It’s Morbin’ Time’ and why is everyone suddenly saying it?

Graphic by Jamie Dunkin

Rewind to April 1, 2022 – the day Sony Pictures’ Morbius made its big screen debut. Early reviews were just starting to trickle in and even though they appeared in large part negative, faith in the Living Vampire was still very much alive. Now, looking back, it seems almost cruel that the film came out on April Fools Day. 

In its first week, Morbius slipped so hard on the proverbial banana that it landed flat on its derriere with a disheartening 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The following week, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 did laps around the anti-hero. What was slated to become one of the biggest films of 2022 became exactly the opposite. 

What’s most surprising isn’t how bad the film performed, but how much the Living Vampire has stayed very much alive in the hearts of fans. Since its release, Morbius has become the king of memes, dominating the conversation on Twitter, Discord, and Reddit, and earning its fan base the respected title of Morbheads. 

Part of the fun Morbheads have had since the movie’s abysmal release has been coming up with catchy phrases and lingo, such as the word ‘morb’. ‘Morb’ has since been verbified into any sentence you can think of. You can ‘morb’ this, or ‘morb’ that. You can ‘get morbed’, or even have fun ‘morbing around’. 

But perhaps the catchiest phrase of all is the one that’s stuck the hardest: ‘It’s Morbin’ Time’. Even Jared Letto caught on to its addictiveness. 

What is ‘It’s Morbin’ Time’ and why is everyone saying it?

Lovers of the Morb have used the phrase ‘It’s Morbin’ Time’ in various online conversations to hypothesize what kind of catchphrase the Living Vampire would have. It’s not confirmed where ‘It’s Morbin’ Time’ came from, but it’s safe to assume it was borrowed from the classic ‘It’s Morphin’ Time’ used by The Power Rangers.

The phrase has become so popular that fans are convinced it could not only manifest a Morbius sequel, but also make its way into the Living Vampire’s lexicon on screen. The phrase’s uptick on Twitter has remained steady for weeks on end, proving that Morbius‘ abysmal performance at the box office has done nothing to tarnish the Living Vampire’s reputation.

The collective obsession over ‘It’s Morbin’ Time’ has people genuinely curious about whether Sony Pictures will revive the Living Vampire on screen. Production studios want nothing more than for people to want to see their movies. So, even though Morbius landed itself the title of one of the worst movies of 2022, it could very well hit the big screen again, if only to utter the undeniably catchy phrase, ‘It’s Morbin’ Time!’