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What is the ‘I was born a dog’ TikTok trend?

It's a serotonin boost, that's what it is.

Born a dog TikTok trend

As anyone who has spent more than five minutes on TikTok can tell you, the platform is always full of new trends. Whether it’s a new challenge, a funny meme, or a viral trend, TikTok users are always finding new ways to entertain and be entertained. It’s part of the platform’s charm.

One of the latest trends to take TikTok by storm is the “I was born a dog” trend. This unapologetically wholesome trend uses the audio of a previously viral video known as “I’m just a baby.” Let’s just say #dogtok users were quick to remind everyone that their fur babies are, in fact, just babies.

So, what is the “I was born a dog” TikTok trend?

The trend is pretty simple. TikTok users share video compilations of their utterly adorable dogs, set to the audio of “I was born a dog. I identify as a dog. But according to my mom… I’m just a baby.” The last line uses the audio from the viral “I’m just a baby” TikTok video that blew up on TikTok in Feb 2022.

The viral video (and audio) comes from TikTok user @little.blooming.women and now has over 81.7 million views and 11.6 million likes. In the video, a mother is trying to instruct her daughter to listen to her when she is asked to do something. The little girl in response simply says, “I’m just a baby”, causing us all to let out a collective “aww!”

Dog owners were quick to snag the hysterical and heartwarming audio, surely keen to remind everyone that like human babies, their fur babies are too, just babies, even when they don’t listen to us.

The trend has spread like wildfire across TikTok with several videos amassing millions of views. Similarly, the trend is making its rounds on Instagram, where, like TikTok, dogs have their own accounts and are eager to remind everyone that they are still dogs, even if their moms think of them as babies.

There’s something about the innocence and purity of dogs that makes this trend so wholesome and heartwarming. So, if you’re looking for new content and a good laugh, then look no further than the “I was born a dog” TikTok trend. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.

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