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What is the Koopa trend on TikTok? Viral Mario meme, explained

Uh-oh, here it comes... bah bah!

Koopa from Super Mario Bros.
Image via Nintendo

Anyone with an active TikTok account (or even the lurkers, we see you) will have seen — or at least heard of — the viral trend making rounds on the video-hosting app: the Koopa trend. Originating from the Super Mario Bros. game series, the Koopa trend has taken over TikTok For You Pages everywhere as more and more participants join in to add comical scenarios to an already hilarious concept.

For a brief history on the Koopa Troopas, commonly referred to as just “Koopas,” the Koopa Troopa’s first appearance was in the game Mario Bros. under the working-title name “Shell Creepers” (which doesn’t have such a nice ring to it) and they were eventually renamed to “Koopa Troopa” in 1990’s Super Mario World. Koopa Troopas are turtle-like creatures that act as foot soldiers of the Koopa Troop, under the command of Bowser; Koopa Troopas aren’t all bad, however, as some of them assist Mario on his adventures. Koopas become playable characters in spin-off games like Mario Kart. Koopas are well-known for the use of their shells in the franchise. In earlier games, Koopas walked on all-fours, but in recent installments, they’ve become anthropomorphic.

What is the Koopa trend on TikTok?

Answering the most burning question of all: What is the Koopa trend on TikTok? For an outsider, the trend appears extremely confusing, but committed Mario gamers will be familiar with the Koopa Troopa’s unique quirks, one of which is a recurring habit for Bowser’s minions. Whenever Mario encounters Koopas in the games, the soundtrack switches to what is unanimously referred to as the “Bah Bah” song. As part of their movement animation, whenever the song hits the “bah bah” notes, the Koopas swing from side to side, no matter what they’re doing or where they are; they instantly interrupt their current movement in order to sway thusly.

The Koopa trend on TikTok revolves around a serious situation, such as a divorce, answering to their parents or a family member dying (TikTok’s doing, not ours), the trend insists that regardless of the severity of the situation, Koopas must swing their arms on the “bah bah” no matter what. For anyone who’s still in the dark, here’s some examples. Take all the knowledge that we’ve bestowed upon you and now, finally, understand the Koopa TikTok trend.

We’d suggest giving it a try yourself, but the trend took off so fast that a lot of the funniest (and darkest) scenarios might have already been exhausted. We’ll never stunt creativity, though, so if anything pops to mind, get on TikTok and join in.

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