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‘When y’all turned around was freaky’: Workers play trick on spying boss

Give 'em something to Tok about.

Collage of stills of TikTok users being silly gooses
Screengrabs via TikTok/beechesfoeva

It is an unfortunate fact of contemporary life that we are all — each and every one of us — being watched at all times by our bosses. Well, not all of us. Just 78% or so, according to Entrepreneur. There, that probably makes you feel better. Enjoy 22% of your unscheduled smoke break, security will be waiting to escort you out of the building when you get back.

Still, when life gives you lemons, you just know that it’s begging you to make — if not lemonade — then at least a bunch of crazy faces at the security cameras at work. That’s the philosophy that the TikTokers over at the beechesfoeva account live by, anyway. In their magnum opus, labeled “POV: You know your boss is always watching the cameras,” viewers see the professional hotel housekeepers and social media BFFs with their backs turned to the camera. They both fiddle with their faces as haunting Halloween-y sound effects play in the background.

Slowly, as one, they turn and stare straight down the barrel of the security camera, unblinking, their upper lips wedged up into their gums. Scary? Only in so much as they both presumably have all-access keycards and could be making those faces at guests while they sleep. Still, while most viewers found the hijinks zany and wacky and all sorts of fun — the overwhelming majority of comments were some variation on a row of smiley faces weeping uncontrollably with laughter — others got a bad case of the jibblies.

“When y’all turned around was freaky,” wrote one watcher, tossing in a terrified looking emoji for good measure. As much as we like to have fun here at WGTC, we have to admit: when they turned around, was freaky.

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